My Journey into teaching

Fifteen years ago I found

myself suffering from chronic hip pain, probably due to years of dancing in high heels while performing on stage in Las Vegas, Nevada.


After X-rays showed no significant damage I looked for ways to relieve my pain. Physical Therapy seemed the next obvious treatment. During PT, my Therapist recommended I try taking Yoga classes and also recommended a teacher. I began studying at Lara Mazour's Yogablends in Las Vegas.


It didn’t take me long to discover that daily Yoga practice not only helped my pain but it gave me a sense of well-being I’d never experienced before. Lara, a fantastic teacher, was the one who originally inspired me to consider teaching Yoga. !

After I left Las Vegas for the beautiful Adirondack mountains


of New York in 2005, I began missing the wonderful teachings of my Guru, Lara.


The rural area I moved to didn’t have a nearby Yoga studio and many of the people I met weren't aware of the wonderful benefits of Yoga.


It occurred to me that maybe I was the one who should bring this wonderful gift of Yoga to the people in my community. In 2008, I called Lara to discuss what skills I needed to become a teacher.


Lara is a certified Yoga Alliance trainer and, to my delight, she invited me to come live with her and her family in their new home in Carlsbad, CA. She offered to take me under her wing and teach me the skills I needed to become a 200-hour, YA certified teacher.


It was a fantastic gift that would change my life.

My training with Lara was amazing

Her family was warm and welcomed me as if I was a member of their family. I practiced Yoga daily beginning with early morning sadana and accompanying her to all of her classes.


She took me to The Gardens of Paramahansa Yogananda to practice meditation. I studied anatomy, learned the Sanskrit names of poses, practiced sequencing, learned about yamas, niyamas, chakras. And, she taught me to chant.


We visited Deepak Chopras La Costa Resort and Spa, where we attended a world famous Yoga class. We selected some of my favorite Yoga music in the Resort’s shop. I attended Singing Bowl Meditation on the beach, and shopped for Yoga items at street bazaars in Carlsbad where there is a Yoga studio on every corner.


Lara introduced me to a lifestyle and experience that transformed my life. She didn't miss a thing. She inspired and encouraged me to be open to question and pursue all there is yet to learn. Her teaching influences me to this day.

When I returned to the ADK Mountains, I returned as a Yoga Teacher.

Fate then opened another door for me, I was offered a job at the Johnstown YMCA. With their support I was able to build a successful Yoga program. An experience that helped me develop my own personal teaching style.


It wasn’t enough,

I wanted to reach out to more people in my community.


The area I live in has many retired people some of who suffer needlessly from ailments that keep them from enjoying an active outdoor life in the beautiful Adirondacks.


That's when I discovered The Kripalu Center in Lennox, MA. At the Center there was an advertisement about a chair yoga class taught by Lakshmi Voelker. In 2009 I decided to attend thinking I may be able to find a way to help our Senior Citizens improve their strength and activity levels.


Lakshmi was wonderful and she reminded me of my own Guru, Lara. I learned so much about the ways I could adapt Yoga for every age. I completed the program and became a certified LVCYT teacher.





As fates door continued to open,

I was able to convince two local senior centers to offer Chair Yoga classes.

The senior citizens who attended began to feel and look better after just a few classes.

The classes have grown steadily and many of those original students remain dedicated to attending classes twice a week. They tell me of positive health changes-lowered blood pressure, improvement in their arthritis symptoms, lessening of pain in hips, knees, shoulders and joints.

I see the postural improvement, better balance and increased strength in their poses. Best of all they smile more and have a better overall outlook on life. They are such a gift to me.

I also completed the Silver Sneakers fitness program YogaStretch Part I, II, and III, adding more tools into my Yoga/wellness toolbox.

In 2012 the “Onyyoga” studio was opened in my home.

I wanted to have a place where I could share my love of Yoga and offer classes, workshops and private lessons.

A beautiful intimate setting that overlooks Lake Sacandaga. The present classes are filling up so I’m adding new classes and workshops this year to allow more people to experience the benefit of Yoga.

I’m always seeking to learn more and expand my knowledge of Yoga.

I regularly attend classes at Kripalu.

I’ve been privileged to study with Lee Albert and Sara Meeks, both of whom have introduced me to therapeutic ways to help relieve pain and increase range of joint motion. I highly recommend both of their books.

I've also attended Baron Baptiste’s Foundations in Action, an empowering experience taught by one of my favorite teachers. Baron Baptiste has an amazing ability to guide you deeper in asana (poses) then you imagined. Wow, talk about Power Yoga.

These experiences continue to inspire me to learn, study and practice more.

In January of this year, 2014, I began the Kripalu, 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Kripalu Yoga is a conscious practice of physical yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques for integrating body, mind and spirit.

The 500-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training consists of 200 hours Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training completed previously and 300 hours of additional advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

I completed my final 300-hours on November, 23rd 2014. Since graduation I’ve experienced a deeper understanding of my role as teacher. The Kripalu Advance Training taught me how important my daily personal practice is and how much it enhances my ability to help guide others in their own study of Yoga.

I am on the journey of a lifetime.

I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey. What a gift I have been given, a gift I want to share with you. No matter who you are or how you are feeling, Yoga will give you strength and confidence. If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. I want to show you how.

If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. I want to show you how.

Ony Antonucci

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